Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the nternet real name system

online shopping has long been the most convenient way to shop. Because of its convenient price advantage to win shopping family sought, however, in July 1, 2010 the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has carried out the online real name system. This will rewrite the development trend of online shopping.

carefully analyzed the structure and characteristics of China’s online shop, found that the number of sellers is relatively large, the rapid development of the situation, a full-time part-time Co owner. A small part of the owner of a lot of money, the majority of poor earnings or the main store is in the starting stage and a little improvement.

another online shopping family is characterized by an increasing number of hot pursuit of online shopping increasingly enthusiastic

now, with the gradual implementation of online real name system, the pattern of online shopping will be a lot of changes in a relatively long period of time, the pros and cons of long-term coexistence, as the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, or more harm than good is hard to say.

let’s talk about Lee’s side. Online real name system will be implemented to a large extent, the relevant departments to facilitate the management of the owner of the network business is bound to manage the scope of their goods, to avoid the sale of some illegal things on the network. In addition, the convenience of buyers network rights, but also to promote the integrity of the seller.

it’s time to talk about the disadvantages. The implementation of online real name system, the seller will be registered to the relevant departments, is bound to increase the initial cost of shop operators. In addition, once the shop in the tax authorities to register, the tax can not be avoided (unless there are other states that the law does not levy tax shop). Once the seller is bound to pay tax, goods price, so that all or part of the tax will allow buyers to pay, low price advantage is no longer obvious network, online shopping tide will low down, many sellers will put up the shutters "many full-time owner will face unemployment again.

decision making

countries or unrest, appease the people to solve the employment is the first thing to do. Online shopping will inevitably lead to an increase in the unemployment rate. How can not appear very serious this thing? I published personal proposals: according to the pattern of personal income tax for different shop tax ratio, so it can protect to just pick up the shop, the shop closed reduction rate, reduce the unemployment rate of two.

More than just a

decision, I hope everyone together to discuss! For the development of online shopping in China

give advice and suggestions!

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