Moxing rectification of unscrupulous businesses to reshape the shopping confidence

believe this is many white-collar workers after work often do: open mobile phone advertising page, the picture is very attractive, the price is very affordable, stay up late seckill a pile of things; to think well, after using a variety of defects exposed for one or two months, the heart blood is really regret a previous mistake…… All of the online shopping will allow all doubt, the fake hate, while we want to buy something cheap, but we want to be "good" rather than "no good cheap goods".

from the e-commerce perspective, online shopping platform in the interests of businesses in order to sell fake products or inferior products will not only destroy the harmonious environment in the platform, the platform will gradually be dirty, "mouseexcrement bad image", the most direct consequence is that consumer rights are infringed, indirect the consequences are slowly fading of the platform, the platform has lost credibility, all business income will be more modest, eventually harm to others.

, however, the mouse contaminated the environment and ultimately eat the consequences, and businesses can pollute the platform environment can be patted on the bottom of the dust on the left. Many sellers on the platform there are thousands of ways to intercept the "bad buyer": under the frame of commodity, punishment or title, IP blocking software etc.. Consumers can not filter the unscrupulous businessmen, scalping behavior had already been lost due to the significance of the evaluation system. Unscrupulous businessmen today by the title, change the number of tomorrow still came back, which means palliatives.

experts called on businesses should not be honest behavior of the entire Internet environment blocked, as an electronic business platform must not be left behind to bad business. Two years ago, the 10000 network was first established, CEO Yang Guojian actively shouldered the counterfeiting task, "Remodeling of consumers and businesses at ease" as the goal of 10000. He introduced the 10000 by the one and only B2Q mode on the mode, through the third party supplier factory inspection engineer, at the same time for the integrity of enterprise innovation we put forward "Moxing": Frozen upload and withdrawal and the trading function of enterprise products at the same time in the shops, shops on the cover page, "blacklist" of enterprises "let the business with a" black history "no matter where you are, no turning.

Yang Guojian also added that the current platform shopping fakes repeated, the reason is that the electricity supplier platform does not use strict management tools. He suggested: want to purify the Internet environment should be jointly controlled by the mainstream platform. For example, the platform can be selling businesses, shops will blacklist statistics, provide the relevant government departments to audit by the relevant departments to other platforms, let each business platform together to shut out, so that we can completely cut off the rampant." (text / triumph)

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