Ministry of Commerce China’s online shopping is not open to discuss the policy of home appliances

Minister of Commerce Chen Deming 7 at the press conference of the eleven session of the National People’s Congress held a press conference on the disclosure of online shopping on the higher requirements of integrity, is exploring the legislative work in this regard, the five.

he said that under the current conditions in China, e-commerce will have great prospects for development. It is reported that now all e-commerce transaction volume has reached a year of about 6 trillion yuan, accounting for 13% of GDP, the electronic shopping retail only reached about 800 billion, so it is very potential of the industry". At the same time, this is also for small and micro enterprises, for some young people, especially just graduated from college graduates to create their own careers to provide a better stage." Chen Deming believes that the creation of these new business models on the Internet is very cheap, so online shopping in China in the future there will be great room for development. He stressed that the need for greater demand for online shopping business integrity, which is the Ministry of Commerce needs to strengthen the building, we have been exploring the work of this legislation". For home appliances and trade policy, Chen Deming said, home appliances to the countryside policy this year is not canceled, 31 provinces and institutions in 3 have been canceled in advance of the pilot, but there are 28 provinces by the end of this year will continue to implement the policy of expanding the consumption of home appliances to the countryside. However, at the end of last year, home appliances to the new policy on the suspension.

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