The ten group purchase 4 months the performance of different classification A new force suddenly ris

buy site report card since October began to widen the gap. According to the independent group purchase navigation site 800 nearly 4 months of data show that sales of group purchase in the top ten always maintain the momentum of growth only meituan (micro-blog) and tick group two, and cosmetics group purchase website contrarian by tens of millions of financing. To this end, Wang Huiwen, vice president of the United States Mission Network (micro-blog) said that in the winter of the comprehensive group buying site still need to adhere to the two quarter of next year, during which the gap will further widen.

group, tick trend stable

data show that this year, 7-10 ranked the top ten buy site market was $1 billion 17 million, $1 billion 248 million, $1 billion 209 million and $1 billion 172 million. Overall slight fluctuations in the market size of 4 months increased by 18.9%.

According to

statistics, sales of the top ten group purchase website achieve this increase in the average level of only 4 companies, namely Wo Wo Group, the U.S. group net, tick group and glutinous rice network (micro-blog), the U.S. group net in the 4 months of sales growth of 59.3% to 56.9%, tick group ranked second. At the same time, the two months during this month to maintain sales growth rate above 10%.

did not reach the average value in the other 6 websites, handle network (micro-blog), full network (micro-blog) and F group experienced negative growth in average 15.2%. It is worth noting that the data show that the current sales of the top ten sales growth gap has widened to 81.4 percentage points. In this regard, e-commerce experts, leisurely network CEO Li Daishan said do not feel surprised, and said that the future will exacerbate the gap. However, some buy site also told reporters that due to the presence of data moisture sites, and can not truly reflect the real situation of the industry and the development of each.

buy back local service

data show that in October a total of 6 group purchase website local conversion rate in more than 90%, including the U.S. mission network, 24 tickets, 58 group, public comment and glutinous rice network, the highest local service conversion rate was 99.39%, while in July only 58 of group and group public comment local service product sales accounted for over 90%.

reporter found that in the 10 group purchase website 4 months total performance, local service conversion rate remained above 90% for 58 group and group public comment, therefore, insiders said, the two group purchase website is not pure group purchase website, in fact, they were classified information website and online shops to expand business class evaluation site. The two companies have their own resources based on the owner of the site’s own line of business, to carry out localization services have a congenital advantage.

In contrast,

, the other major group buying site is not only focused on localization services. October handle network localization conversion rate is only 79.18%, it is worth mentioning that the handle at the end of October submitted IPO prospectus, as of October 23rd this year, the total number of lashou 4300 employees, the >

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