Cross border electricity supplier step into the Red Sea supply chain into the line of life and death

April 8th, on Friday, the limelight is full of cross-border electricity supplier platform ushered in a turning point. Was among the first tier cross-border electronic business platform, honey Amoy online, the past to attract consumers berserk "black Friday" disappeared, the entire site in a semi paralyzed state.

at the same time, in order to deal with cross-border electricity supplier import tax regime landing, the global purchase of cloud monkeys, Huarun E, NetEase koala and other platforms, without exception, the introduction of package tax promotions, hot pull powder.

on the previous day, April 7th, the Ministry of Finance and other 11 departments announced the "cross-border e-commerce retail imports list", in the future only on the list of goods in accordance with the new tax system of cross-border retail electricity supplier to import import list of commodities still perform general trade tax policy or post tax policy.

at this point, the cross-border electricity supplier import industry officially out of the pilot stage of the industry, unified import trade into a unified supervision.

if honey Amoy really closed down, with the cross-border electricity supplier tax is not directly related to the new deal, but it is clear that under the new rules and circumstances of the market, honey Amoy business model can not survive." Investment advisor in the retail industry researcher Du Yanhong analysts believe that the future, there will be more platforms eliminated."

fell on the eve of the new deal

open the honey Amoy in the front page, the two directory "Korean film industry cosmetic brand" column, never click to enter the product page, the same, the other two level directory pages are in a state of paralysis.

at the same time, honey Amoy website had a "dress shoe bag", "health food", "mother and children", "star burst models" and "cosmetic", "digital merchandise", "free shop" seven sub channels disappeared.

twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter contacted honey Amoy employees learned, started in October last year, honey Amoy continued layoffs, until in the year before, dozens of employees dismissed the last remaining honey Amoy, all subsidies 1 months salary.

began this year, honey Amoy official WeChat and micro-blog did not update, honey Amoy warehouse in Zhengzhou a large part of the bonded area has been handed over to another cross-border electricity supplier Need.

In addition,

, a supplier of honey Amoy to the twenty-first Century economic report revealed that the supplier in the last black Friday in 2015, it will stop the supply of honey amoy.

signs, this was already cheap sale platform for cross-border electricity supplier’s difficult to continue to exit the market become fashionable for a time.

but did not have a positive response to the Amoy Amoy reporter interviewed the mail, nor to the public to release any statement. Honey Amoy founder Xie Wenbin was born in Alibaba, was responsible for Tmall’s wireless products. In October 2013 the independent start-up basket technology, and get a 1 million yuan investment in Fujian villagers Cai Wensheng, under the banner of the honey Amoy network launched on March 2014.

July 2014, honey Amoy network was $A> million latitude and longitude venture

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