Electricity supplier so fire, can use it to develop the rural economy

in the past few decades, the development of China’s cities is to achieve the plunder of rural land and resources, while providing dividends for urban development, but also led to the development of rural areas blocked. After entering the era of the Internet, the birth of the city’s electricity supplier model can also provide some dividends for rural development?


it is well known that the development of Chinese cities in the past few decades has been achieved by plundering rural land and resources. In contrast with the prosperity of the city business, a large number of rural labor loss, rural land into a piece of waste. Into the Internet era, a new round of business trends, the electricity supplier has become the focus of business models and the realization of the internet. However, what is at the expense of the interests of the rural development of the city, its hot electricity supplier model dividends can also benefit the countryside?

rural electricity supplier, selling what?

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Ali Institute released the "e-commerce development of micro County report" from 2003, 10000 network scale, spanning to one hundred thousand, and in 2013 the Megascale, county (roughly covering three to six line city) the number of network operators showing growth spurt, while in the country, but also the emergence of a lot of the "Taobao" and "Taobao county", but these cases have its particularity.

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in Ali institute more detailed "2013 China County e-commerce development index report" given "e-commerce hundred counties", the development of electronic commerce, almost all reflect the unique advantages of the local characteristics of industrial clusters. For example, Yiwu small commodity, Qinghe cashmere, Changshu clothing, Jinjiang shoes etc.. Hundred counties have the basis of industrial clusters, there is no industrial clusters of counties and how to get an electric shock?

at present, the characteristics of agricultural products is not a natural advantage of the industrial cluster of rural economy is not much electricity supplier entry point. The perishable perishable fresh agricultural products, cold chain logistics and quality management to the investment is very high, complex operation, and almost 90% of the fresh electricity providers are at a loss, the rural economy into operation electricity supplier, the threshold is too high. And there are successful cases to follow the category is mainly concentrated in the nuts, some can be stored for a long time, such as fruit storage, logistics convenience of agricultural products.

actually, China in this piece of vast territory and abundant resources on the land, many cities have their own characteristics of agricultural and sideline products. My home in the middle of a prefecture level city, the industry is not developed, the service industry is also very backward. But produced stewed tofu, taste mellow, snack table are affordable, very welcomed by the local people. In addition, the winter season, the countryside every family essential (by Baoqing pellet pig, pork, tofu, minced orange peel and rub it into the group, pine sawdust and smoked), after completion of production can store a year or so, not only have the unique wax products of wood flavor, and red color, texture Q bomb, not fat not greasy, and light orange and sweet smell of pine, should belong to the local characteristics in the field, I have never seen.

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