The crazy hot one yuan purchase behind the bloody truth

Abstract: in fact, the so-called 1 yuan purchase is essentially a bet behavior, the mode of operation is very close to the lottery. 1 yuan purchase, the name of the Internet, the new format, the temptation to engage in irrational behavior of users, the current has created many problems and problems. For example, commercial rights into the problem, customer service raffle box operation etc..

recently, all over again was involved in 1 yuan purchase of consumers due to uncontrolled investment and lead to ruin the news. Taizhou reported a man more crazy about 1 yuan purchase, three months about 200000 out reports.

at present, the market, one yuan grab treasure, one dollar buying and other network platforms, collectively referred to as one yuan purchase". The name of the network platform to invest a dollar can win BMW car, iPhone mobile phones and other hot selling product banner, attracting many users to join. Some netizens put hundreds of thousands of yuan, down the drain.

according to the media survey, Taobao and other platforms, just spend a few thousand dollars to buy a dollar purchase website template, build a dollar purchase website. Some web site can be manipulated to win, virtual betting number.

professionals said, "one yuan" mode for playing "gaming" edge ball, has been suspected illegal.

lawyer thinks, if one yuan purchase platform for the purpose of illegal possession, in the background of the winning person specified, such that the other player has no chance to get the product or service, thus defrauding consumers money, was arrested for fraud.

"general merchandise premium 10%-20%"

what is 1 yuan purchase simply, is that consumers need to pay only $1, there is a chance to get a lot of money, and if not, then 1 yuan will no longer return. In fact, consumers buy 1 yuan purchase of goods, not to buy the ownership of the goods, but a chance to get a draw. 1 yuan to buy a cell phone, buy a computer for $1, 1 yuan to buy a car…… "1 yuan purchase" as if to open a "beautiful blueprint", let a person fall quickly among them. Many people immersed in a small high, a lot of illusion, but behind the fraud trap blind.

search on Baidu, one yuan purchase, you can get more than 9 million related information. There are only 20 of these sites on the first 5 pages. Baidu search home page there are a few yuan purchase platform marked as advertising promotion.

in a mobile app store search one dollar purchase, there will be a similar name on the APP application, the installation of a total of more than thirty million passengers.

log on to the platform, the same pattern, each item is divided into several parts, participants can buy one or more parts, when sold after all, by the system according to the platform rules calculate the final winners. To buy one yuan cloud platform, for example, in its latest issue of lottery results, an apple 6S (64G) mobile phone price 5688 yuan, was divided into

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