Amazon signed a free trade zone in Shanghai plans to carry out cross-border electricity supplier bus


technology news August 20th noon news, the FTA test zone, Shanghai information investment Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "the Shanghai letter") with the United States Amazon Co signed a memorandum of cooperation to carry out cross-border e-commerce.

data show that the Shanghai pilot cross-border trade e-commerce platform, since the end of the formal operation, the current filing and on-line businesses has reached 32, from Japan, South Korea, Australia, the United States, Italy, France and Hongkong and other countries and regions, has entered the filing and on-line varieties of 10000 kinds, form a certain brand agglomeration effect. Amazon in June this year, and Shanghai voted to carry out business cooperation, has made positive progress.

according to reports, the Group signed with the American Amazon FTA experimentation area CMC, investment companies, will be in the FTA test area of cross-border logistics system relying on Amazon’s vast and sound international brand channel, launched a series of business activities:

is the construction of cross-border e-commerce platform to provide services for domestic and foreign customers to buy Amazon overseas websites and Chinese website goods; two is the construction of logistics warehousing platform to provide logistics and warehousing services for export enterprises China global distribution, build the global radiation trade logistics center; the three is the use of FTA financial innovation policy optimization experimentation area, Amazon Co the financing structure, cooperate to carry out cross-border electronic payment services; four is the use of FTA experimentation area pilot policy advantages, the main investment to set up operations, and to fight the Amazon Chinese international trade headquarters. (Lin Ming)

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