Biography Jingdong conspiracy B2B business or subvert the line proxy mode

May 16th news, according to a source close to Jingdong, Jingdong is preparing to build a B2B procurement channels, plans to sell the brand’s online distribution agency model to online. The specific way is to recruit brands of large agents and distributors settled in the channel set up shop, so that the two or three dealers can purchase online.

in another word, that is, Jingdong will recruit brands of large agents engaged in online wholesale business, wholesale to two or three agents or distributors. Jingdong is able to provide its powerful IT systems and logistics systems, in order to facilitate the distribution of goods.

close to the Jingdong’s sources, set up on the B2B procurement channels, Jingdong have been in contact with some of the brands do early communication, Jingdong tend to distributors and agents to recruit a Haier, Lenovo, GREE and other companies, but the channel specific lines on time and there is no way of knowing the channel name.

The provincial general agent of

a brand pointed out that due to electronic commerce compared to the line with a price advantage, in fact, there have been lots of small dealers procurement of goods in Jingdong, then switch trade. In addition, there is a part of the shop on the Jingdong brand encourage its dealers disguised as ordinary consumers to its Jingdong Store procurement, and then return the wholesale price of the wholesale dealer and retail price difference. These things are known Jingdong, since dealers have this demand, it might as well let go to do."


appliance brand agent pointed out that the Jingdong to do a B2B purchase channel advantage is that one can increase the Jingdong’s transaction flow correlation, on the other hand, can enhance the brand operators and Jingdong B2C platform.

but the key point is that this mode of Jingdong is a kind of transformation of traditional circulation industry, is likely to subvert the traditional line of proxy mode.

According to

billion state power network to understand, the traditional line agent is layers of agent model, subordinate agents can only to an agent of goods, and strong regional characteristics. For example, a certain brand of Hebei Province, it is difficult for dealers to purchase agents in Henan Province, while other dealers in the province can not go directly to the provincial general agent to purchase.

said the above general agent, Jingdong’s online distribution model, breaking the line under the agency level model and geographical restrictions. At the same time, the mode of operation of the Internet also improves the overall efficiency of the distribution model, and to a certain extent, solve the conflicts of interest between the agents and the Jingdong.

According to

billion state power network to understand, Jingdong Group Chairman Liu Qiangdong had participated in the "entrepreneurial leadership forum" has revealed that the Jingdong will enter the field of B2B, but the premise is to enter the B to the terminal consumers for the purpose of the enterprise. "We will not face the dealer but the face of the end consumer, we have done this for many years."

if Jingdong really such a distribution platform on the line, then Liu Qiangdong on Jingdong will enter the field of B2B said

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