Alipay mobile phone transfer preferential referred to challenge the bank line

Securities Times reporter Zhu Kai

between the commercial banks or off-site transfer need to charge a fee, while Alipay yesterday is for mobile phone client transfers to the bank, dished out a one-day free transfer amount for 50 thousand yuan discount. Insiders said that Alipay’s move has been in the challenge of traditional banking business line.

comparison of the banks net transfer rate, Alipay "free card" has a certain appeal. Reporter comparison found that the bank interbank transfer fee charged 0.5 yuan each and electronic remittance, China Merchants Bank cross city in accordance with the arrival rate, charged 2 yuan each to 3 yuan fee. Cross for off-site ATM, China Merchants Bank and China Construction Bank, are each a minimum fee of $2, the highest 25 yuan.

for different types of transfers, ICBC, Bank of China were charged 0.05% and 0.06% fee. ICBC lowest per 0.5 yuan, up to $25. Bank of China each minimum 1 yuan, up to $12. In addition, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, respectively, each charge 0.25% and 0.5% of the fee, the lowest are $1, but the difference between the upper limit, the maximum number of $25 per Construction Bank, ABC is $50.

, however, a joint-stock bank in Shanghai, said the third party payment company to seize the market and the introduction of free transfer, little impact on commercial banking. Even if the commercial banks have complained, but the relevant provisions from the central bank, Alipay’s move also no wrong. The source said, from the business model, which is more like a free lunch during the promotion, designed to attract users to use mobile phone products."

Alipay said that the free transfer amount for 50 thousand yuan a day of service, not only the steps of online banking transfers easier, but also can use the "free" whenever and wherever possible, the appeal itself or in the second. According to Alipay’s transfer business director Zhu Xiaolei, from the mobile phone client transfers to the bank card service does not require the user to enter the payee bank information, simplifies the transfer process, it will be more convenient for users.

according to reports, the current Alipay mobile phone version of the transfer to the bank card to the bank, has reached 119. ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, China Everbright Bank, Hangzhou bank and other support 2 hours fast arrival, the other bank account in the next day. At the same time, Alipay will transfer to the bank card service formally incorporated into the membership system.