Wang Junzhou the price war is a Jingdong


Gome President Wang Junzhou

(Tencent technology plan)

Xiao Hua Technology Tencent reported in August 23rd, Gome President Wang Junzhou accepted the media interview said, Jingdong mall launched a price war is just a bluff, they do not have the ability to make price war.

previously, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) said that the next 3 years, all of our electricity than Gome (micro-blog), Suning store cheap at least more than 10%. Thus, triggering a so-called history of the scale of the electricity supplier price war. Then Liu Qiangdong also claimed that the large shareholders supported his price war extends to all categories of goods.

"destroy the competition atmosphere, damage the business rules, the final damage will be the whole industry of home appliance chain industry is losing credibility, value, Jingdong, Suning and Gome and other enterprises, who can not really benefit." Wang Junzhou said in an interview, to resist peer mutual slander, mutually defeating the irrational competition, competition between peers, advocating civilized and rational competition, protecting consumer interests and suppliers.

seems to Wang Junzhou, Liu Qiangdong stressed that the electricity supplier cost advantage and the outside world that the online certain concessions is wrong.

in the purchase cost, Gome, Suning represented the next line store every home appliance purchase scale billion or more, but only about 20 billion of the size of the Jingdong, the procurement scale determines the purchase cost of the line store average less than 4% of the electricity supplier. Advertising costs, the current cost of electricity supplier advertising and traffic is about 4%, while the line of the store’s advertising marketing costs of about $1.5%. Labor costs, the online labor costs of 4.5%, the cost of labor under the line is about $3.5%. In terms of logistics costs, represented by Jingdong pure electricity supplier logistics costs of about 6%, while the United States as the representative of the line under the store delivery costs of about 0.6%.

According to Gome, Suning

years performance report shows that the average gross profit rate of about 18%, operating expenses (costs) at about 13%, net profit rate of about 4%; the average business gross margin of around 17%, the rate of operating expenses (costs) at about 14%, net profit rate of -8% in the left and right, so that the electricity supplier operating costs are higher than the line operating costs, resulting in long-term losses.

does not evade any form of price war price war is the United States long-term strategy, but the premise of the three price war must have, on the continued profitability in the procurement and service ability, and promote the ability of win-win industrial chain, in the protection of the interests of consumers. At the same time, we oppose the price war hype and false marketing, adhere to the letter based. The United States hopes to solve the prices of consumer concerns with the line under the same way.

for the next line of the retail industry is declining, Wang Junzhou believes that from the United States, Japan and South Korea and other markets, the main channel for consumers to buy appliances is still the store, accounting for the total >