Taobao novice seller to teach you to promote January drilling


had a friend asked: give up the annual salary of millions of work, 13 companies prefer to hire occupation managers to take care of their own investment, devoted to "small Taobao manager" ranks, for what? After

do not regret?

only for a dream, no regret! Bustling about a month, always wanted to write out the process of sprint this month, could have been busy shipping, replacement, return of goods, goods on shelves, today finally time, the promotion process, this month to have the same experience dream of friends, hope you can avoid detours!

shop operators involved in all aspects of more, and see many sellers in the community is the most distressed than the flow problem. Traffic, users will not automatically come, we need to promote the guide. More network promotion Taobao supporting: like Ali mother platform website alliance advertising, Taobao customers according to the transaction commission, Taobao express, Internet advertising, which is a generalization of the network. Below to enter the theme: the introduction of small shops in the promotion process, combined with a variety of ways in terms of traffic, accuracy, conversion, single turnover data, how to choose the best way to promote their own. " bold attempt; careful analysis; grasp precision "

(photo: without reservation to publish all the business data for your reference)

, a

window advertising network alliance

this advertising is used most frequently in the promotion of online games on the WEBGAME, generated huge traffic at the specified date and time, but the user can not control accuracy, low turnover rate, compared with the overall cost of sky high, so try not to 2 weeks decided to cancel this advertising, at the end of 9, the Internet pop promotion: please see below the September data in figure

flow data graph (September)


sales data figure (9)


shop details



network popups (including promotion, network alliance) in a short period of time can promote centralized high flow, but because of controllable promotion direction, causing the user is not accurate, waste too much traffic is directly reflected in the conversion rate is low, the cost is too high, not desirable (failure)! Any advertisement is to users do not have accurate promotion, only two words "money"

the first half of October by the second half of our pop + community forum advertising:

flow data graph (October)