The second pass Xunshan ordered businesses double 11 Tmall lowest price

[Reuters] in October 22, the state power is small, yesterday, the state power grid received a number of brands that broke the news, Tmall launched a new round of second onslaught, requirement of commodity sold businesses during the double eleven to the lowest whole network. Almost in the blockade of scouring the platform has a good measure of the sales force businesses."

is a business casual men’s brand business manager told billion state power network, said yesterday morning received from Tmall second phone bombing, clearly require businesses in each business platform, whether to participate in the activities of the goods, or flat sales (daily sales) of goods must be the lowest whole network.


businesses in the WeChat group broke the news



statement provided by the seller Tmall 2

at the same time, there are businesses that Tmall broke the news, from October 15th onwards, commodity price monitoring of clothing category businessmen, with eleven double venue resources business, not in other business platform to advance the use of double eleven sales price, at most only a flat Double Tenth day. "Even the promotional coupons are stuck to death, must synchronize the whole network, the difference in less than 10 yuan."

from the merchant feedback, the directive is not yet clear is a small independent behavior or Tmall unified command. But there is a feedback from clothing, bags, shoes and other Tmall main businesses of the same category.

the instructions can be seen as the previous eleven activities on the eve of the "one of the two selected" upgraded version. According billion state power network understanding, after the two eleven years ago, Tmall and other Jingdong targeting platform, has put forward some specific measures, such as requiring businesses under the same product, or the price is not higher than the requirements of Tmall Jingdong.

but obviously, this year the second requirement seems to be more severe and strong.

According to the

phone, small businesses that made it clear that no platform for commodity shelf, can only modify the price. This also means that in the past, the difference in the strategy of commodity differentiation will not work.

this is almost not allowed to buy before the holiday, not allowed to do in the promotion of Tmall disguised ‘ban order’." A Tmall TOP10 level big sellers told billion state power network, the Alibaba has been aware of this year facing clothing, shoes and bags, cosmetics and other categories of strong challenges, "the top sellers in Tmall and Taobao’s growth this year is not very obvious, even some eleven years to double the performance of strong brands. This year have disappeared."

is a well-known electricity supplier trader even predicted that this year eleven after last year’s TOP100 women’s business, there will be 40% of the elimination rate.

In addition,

,, Jingdong and other platforms continued to grow after the listing, the threat of the main category of Tmall. According to the business revealed that this year, Jingdong eleven from September began to start, double the period also requires businesses push eleven