A brief introduction of new e-commerce BMC direct purchase mode

Twenty-first Century

network information technology has changed the whole commodity circulation, make the resource allocation of the original system of profound change, will be more fair and reasonable distribution system to replace the old standard system relationship. Although the Internet Chinese after 10 years of development, but the network informatization is just started, the electronic commerce Chinese is just officially set sail, will full of new opportunities and risks in the following 10 years, 20 years, e-commerce model is more reasonable and scientific will gradually show its advantages. The following focus on the analysis of e-commerce BMC direct purchase mode for reference exchange.

first, e-commerce BMC direct purchase model is briefly introduced

is the abbreviation of man-Consumer Business-Middle BMC English, it is the first set of style management, chain management, interpersonal network, traditional finance, electronic commerce (B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B) and other traditional e-commerce model merits.soon, solves the bottleneck of the development of B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B and other traditional e-commerce mode. Is a kind of electronic commerce mode of integration of B2M and M2C, B2M+M2C=BMC. Producers, marketing channels, consumers with a new marketing mode for win-win mutual benefit, together to create a "real consumer union"


two, BMC direct purchase model based on the theory and application of

1, consumers gradually shift from a simple consumer role to the consumer. As the terminal of commodity wealth, consumers should enjoy the profit of commodities. From the point of view of commodity circulation, commodity profits have been producers and marketers of distribution. If there is no consumer demand for commodities will not have any commodity profit is generated, then the concept of producers and marketers have no what commodity profit. We can say that it is the greatest contribution of commodity wealth of consumers is the production and marketing, only the social wealth accumulation, therefore, distributing consumer goods in circulation in the profit is behoove. With the rapid development of the network and the information flow has gradually begun to determine the logistics era, consumers will be assigned to their profits should be.

2, network information commodity channels will begin to change the traditional marketing model. At present, the market has changed from seller’s market to buyer’s market, commodity circulation channels have begun to allocate more profits, for example, Gome does not produce any appliance, but can earn huge profits, manufacturers can even decide the prices of goods, this is the value of marketing channel. The emergence of the Internet makes the sales channels of goods have no geographical and time constraints, speeding up the circulation of the entire commodity, so that the gradual transfer of goods from traditional sales channels to e-commerce platform. In such a commodity sales channels will be achieved by the network, and play a greater role in the new era, the network platform for the sale of goods will be greater profit margins, but also save more social resources