Liquor electricity supplier broke into rude disruptive innovation

Economic Observer reporter Li Chao cover the rainbow of Huangchenggen, Tianfu Chengdu, in the two totally different flavor and style in the city, a group of Internet Master is carrying out an efficient and "smart" business: intends to use 3 to 5 years to tens of thousands of franchise stores with liquor to the country, while the market share increased to more than 10%.

those who are accustomed to doing business at the dinner table or in upscale clubs do not like this kind of efficient and "smart"". For them, this kind of disruptive innovation is a bit rude".

in the past year and a half, was "offended" the liquor business has repeatedly raised the "ban" the wand, trying to knock down these people, and strive to maintain the order of destruction — although becomes more and more difficult.

and smart Internet Master didn’t seem to mind to each other fighting hard way to refresh the sense of existence: swept the Central Plains 1919 supplying liquor store issued "either the enemy or friend" battle in the wine network is put out the official accusation; a "only I don’t have your relentless war" seems somewhat low-key; the brewmaster network, vowing to become the liquor business anniversary "double eleven".

They are

fans holding on the altar, to become the industry adjustment of straw; also by critics back, "liquor electricity supplier, is not a myth, but a joke".

but in any case, the rise of business model in Chinese liquor industry to adjust the depth of the orbit, with its lower price, more flat channel and more accurate consumer control ", as close to the deformity of the liquor market to" close to consumers, the value of eliminating logical thinking the original fee ".

this is the core problem of thinking, what is in the end liquor, who should be sold, how can you sell?

Battle of


"in the word" O2O "is not generated, we have to do O2O things," 1919 supplying liquor chairman Yang Lingjiang told the Economic Observer reported, "in 2007, 1919 received an order from Guiyang, the 1919 network platform received the first single."

in the liquor industry steeped in 7 years, Yang Ling bought 1919 of the domain name in 2005. Since then, 1919 after three important strategic adjustment: from 2005 to 2008, the main ground force chain promotion and telephone set wine business; from 2008 to 2013, expanded to include telephone, network, full channel promotion; after 2013, the platform management’s role change, to control the end consumer channels.

in 2010, with B2C as the dominant mode of brewmaster network was set up. 5 years later, the brewmaster network is more like a "wine" version of the Jingdong with nearly 500 wineries: upstream suppliers, downstream of the 6 warehouse distribution center, relying on third party logistics distribution.

in the liquor electricity supplier in the big three, the latest is the establishment of wine >

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