Alibaba financial services decryption the unique mode of revenue in the industry’s top

banks do not need to tremble. However, the Alibaba’s microfinance business, relying on its powerful B2C and B2B platform, is also doing well, is forming a super platform from orders to provide financing services for online merchants.

days ago, media reports said, Ali credit for Alibaba is ordinary members fully liberalized, without guarantee, mortgage, apply alone enterprise credit qualification can be 24 hours with the loan. Some analysts interpret the meaning of the electricity supplier to enter the financial sector, and shouted, shaking it, the bank!

, however, the first financial daily (micro-blog), the official response from the Alibaba group, said the report exaggerated. Yesterday, the Alibaba’s financial services sector – financial Alibaba (hereinafter referred to as "Ali financial") responsible Tong Wang told the newspaper, recently, Alibaba B2B credit business has expanded scope of audience, but only in Jiangsu area, from the original Alibaba B2B service subscribers, extended to ordinary registered users, not for the country; and Taobao Tmall (micro-blog) on the platform of the original credit business without geographical restrictions.

small loan company + platform

recently announced that as of this year, Ali finance, in its small business loans in the first half of this year on the loans 13 billion yuan since 2010, self-employed small business loans since invested 28 billion yuan, for more than 13 Small and micro businesses and individual entrepreneurs to provide financing services. Previously it also revealed that in a period of time to create an average daily loan to complete nearly 10000 pen.

on the small loan industry, the volume of business can be described as a miracle, and the creation of this miracle is that Alibaba has a unique small loan + platform model.

Ali finance has two small loan companies, respectively, Zhejiang Alibaba microfinance Limited by Share Ltd and Chongqing City microfinance Co., ltd..

it is understood that the Zhejiang small loan company was founded in June 2010, the registered capital of 600 million yuan, Chongqing small loan company was founded in June 2011, the registered capital of $1 billion. Through these two small loan companies, Ali finance in Alibaba B2B business, Taobao and Tmall three platforms were provided on the order of loans, credit services, usually less than 1 million yuan. Tmall’s high-end merchants, you can get the highest 10 million yuan loan through the line audit.

order loan refers to the seller as long as the current seller has shipped order, you can apply for a loan, in fact, the order is secured loans. The credit is completely unsecured, unsecured loans, merchants on the relevant business platform Ali can apply for its credit.

normally orders loans for businesses to solve the short-term capital flow, adjust the position with smaller amounts, Taobao orders loans more than six thousand or seven thousand yuan.

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