Do let users trust e-commerce sites to enhance the sense of trust elements

what is the urgent need to solve the problem of e-commerce sites

payment – online payment more convenient, third party payment tools are also getting more and more popular.

logistics? – the rapid development of e-commerce, to stimulate the thriving of the logistics industry, logistics fast, logistics network.

User Education – it will not be a problem for users who are accustomed to traditional ways to shop online. Even if the people did not try to purchase online, has long been familiar with and accepted, they are always ready to join the online shopping army.

now, whether it is still just born in the food and clothing struggling in the small B2C website, or rich Alibaba e-commerce website, online shopping for cultivating a sense of trust, a long way to go.

a, from AIDA to AIDAS

in advertising and marketing academia, Elmo Lewis in 1898 for the first time that the AIDA model has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.


A stands for Attention. In the era of information explosion, eyeball economy, who attracted the attention of customers, who will seize the initiative. Otherwise, Baidu’s competitive ranking will not sell so good.

I stands for Interest. In the street on the sound of a gong, it can cause the attention of passers-by, but then if they were chanting, probably soon people will break. To enable customers to gain further understanding of the interest before they have the opportunity to sell.

D stands for desire. Most of the time the customer bought a single, because the mind has appeared in the possession of this thing after a better life imagination. Advertising or sales, we need to combine the needs of customers to stimulate the customer to have a better imagination, to strengthen if he does not buy will cause losses.

last A on behalf of Action, if the former three line, do not bother to sell, the customer will eventually take action.

later, marketers found that this is far from enough.

in the United States, a study has found that the average cost of acquiring a new customer is $118.16, while the cost of an old customer satisfaction is only $19.76. It takes five times more money to get a new customer than to keep an old customer. Do short-lived business is not the long term. From marketing to marketing, marketing also pay more attention to the existing customer relationship maintenance. Therefore, this model is optimized to be AIDAS.

last S, Satisfaction on behalf of the customer, for the consumer is satisfied with the result, he thought: "I’ll buy it", "I want to give my friends recommend," rather than "I’m so stupid, as a", "never come!"

when the customer is not satisfied with the consequences as far.

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