Foxconn sued 3 Japanese companies in the United States Patent nfringement

[Abstract] Foxconn accused Toshiba, MITSUBISHI and other violations of Foxconn and display panel manufacturing related technology patents.

Tencent Francisco July 3rd, announced the manufacturer Foxconn on the world’s largest electronics, the company in the United States of Toshiba, MITSUBISHI motor (Mitsubishi Electric) and funai (Funai Electric) three Japanese companies filed a lawsuit, accusing them of infringing Foxconn and display panel manufacturing related technology patents.


said in a statement, the three Japanese companies violated Foxconn a lot of technical aspects of the display panel patents, which are used for the display panel TV, display, intelligent mobile phone, notebook computer and tablet computer, the company has this Delaware Federal District Court proceedings. As of now, Toshiba, MITSUBISHI motor and funai electric spokesman declined to comment.

Foxconn has a considerable number of patented manufacturing technology. Earlier this year, the company has said it has more than 64 thousand and 300 patents, and is reporting 128 thousand and 400 patents. (no bogey)

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