Double 11 turned a protracted war Tmall Jingdong air blows at overseas

annual double 11 and less than half a month is coming, Tmall, Jingdong and other electricity supplier giant marketing war has started early. From the day to the online shopping festival, imperceptibly, the electricity supplier "double 11" has gone through 8 years.

recently, Tmall, Jingdong have announced their 11 double play. This time, the two electricity supplier giants invariably double 11 promotion cycle extension, the longest up to 24 days, and launched a series of dazzling new gameplay.

Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong announced that this year’s double 11 innovation will focus on globalization, entertainment, big data driven personalization and online and offline integration of the top four themes. While working with Tmall in the network super fierce battle battlefield Jingdong, an emergency to draw the line supermarket WAL-MART gangster war double 11, not only the price to the consumer Chinese Sam members free of charge, the system of the goods warehouse with direct access to the Jingdong.

time extension

will double 11 activity cycle extended to 24 days, will be Tmall’s double the history of another major turning point in the history of the "double" 11. In the previous "double 11" activities, apart from Tmall, Jingdong,, Gome online mall has been the front stretch for more than 10 days.


group senior vice president, Jingdong mall marketing platform system responsible Xu Lei said that before 2013, Jingdong organized the "double 11 promotion period is usually 2-3 days, from 2013 began to organize the" double 11 "large-scale promotional activities into a cycle of 12 days, from November 1st to 12. Suning is from November 1st to November 11th, a total of 11 days.

by the transformation from the single day shopping festival why would become a protracted war? To the Jingdong, Suning such retail companies, is the key of supply chain. If only one day will focus on sales, inventory management, product lifecycle management has a strong risk, some companies will be a famous battle, but also some companies because of "double 11" disappeared or quiet for a long time.

but why Tmall this year will be "double 11" extended period? "We think that 24 hours carnival is certainly not enough, so we 24 hours from the carnival, extended to 24 days of carnival, the Alibaba group chief marketing officer Dong Benhong says.

wins the overseas

This year Tmall

double 11 will really open sea inside and outside. Ali through the electronic business platform, not only consumers can buy all over the world, the brand will also be the realization of the global business convenience. At the G20 summit, Ma launched the eWTP initiative, hoping to build a global buy, sell globally, efficient, transparent, accessible global e-commerce platform. Zhang Yong said that this year’s double 11 will be an important step in Alibaba to promote eWTP. Tmall chose to start double 11 in Hongkong, is also intended to test the water internationalization.

at the same time to promote the local electricity supplier in Hong Kong and Taiwan

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