Ali changed the name of the electric worm is still

recently, Alibaba’s social App Exchange announced the name changed to bug, renamed after the new version of the focus will be 90, the main youth social.

Although the

network was renamed Ali with little bug, but little bug is visible when the website to access the official domain name change has not occurred, still with Larry domain



little bit three fight domain name registered in November last year, is now the holder of Ali, but so far failed to use the domain name to visit the official website. The and other related domain names have not been included in the protection of ali. The genuine domain name, but has not changed in the name of little worm on the occasion, the singing is what? It is Ali Virgo, to set all the related domain name after "hands-on"


launched in September 2013, after the location of acquaintances social, but the function is somewhat complicated and conflict. The bug is in the positioning of the subdivision, the function also made the corresponding subtraction. In positioning, the worm will cut from the vertical market segments, focusing on the social background of the younger generation after 90. And the function, the future, the worm will retain little push bar function at the same time, focusing on the burn after reading, take different routes.

In addition

was renamed after the little insects as well as for communication business platform buyers of Ali Wangwang, Ali also owns a flagship enterprise social App nail, and a large number of related domain name protection. Larry is genuine Shanghai Dingding newspapers Ltd. holds, and has the station.

love net public official micro signal love circle (amqcom), first hand the domain name industry information.

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