Wang Shi hope to buy 512 domain name

16, Xinmin net reported the Jiangsu youth workers Zhu Guangbing million high price auction 512 domain name, to build the rural primary school by netizens to denounce Zhu Guangbing hope, Vanke to send a fax, I hope Wang Shi can buy a domain name, to complete a charity aid disaster. 18, 2009, Zhu Guangbing once again contact Xinmin reporter said Vanke refused to buy domain names.

Zhu Guangbing told Xinmin reporter, some time ago, Vanke donation Wang Shi experienced a crisis of confidence, although they can not be compared, but their love is the same, but the heart is misunderstood, so Zhu Guangbing to send e-mail and fax Vanke, Wang Shi hope to buy the domain name 512, built three rural primary school, people with kindness to raised criticism that their love is great and sincere.

Zhu Guangbing this morning again called Vanke Board Secretariat, 12, Wang Shi and his wife to ask the 512 domain name auction purchase letter of a primary school building area, the Secretariat staff said Shen Bin, director of the office of corporate citizenship has been Vanke responded, "the people of the whole country to make contributions to the disaster areas in various ways, Vanke has also donated one hundred million yuan to participate in disaster relief and reconstruction. Now the board of directors, Vanke decided not to buy 512 domain names for the disaster area to build primary schools. I believe you will find good businesses and individuals more suitable

! "

when Zhu Guangbing said repeatedly sent to Wang Shi and the purchase letter only for Wang Shi and his wife, Wang Jiangsui, has nothing to do with the Vanke Group, and asked Wang Shi and pro from telephone confirmation, the staff said, they can make the reply on behalf of Wang Shi department, no longer need to contact with Wang Shi, Zhu Guangbing declined Wang Shi for the telephone request.

Zhu Guangbing told Xinmin reporter, regardless of whether or not to buy the domain name of Wang Shi, will continue to contact me through other means, I hope to get the answer in person, Wang Shi, Wang Shi.

if I made it clear that Wang Shi will not be in the name of the purchase of the domain name, the company will consider contacting the previous management of several companies to see if there is no hope to be able to sell the domain name out of the.

512 domain auction for the disaster area to build a primary event playback:

June 5th:

Zhu Guangbing has announced online series 512 registered domain name, auction million for the disaster area build three rural primary school.

June 10th: Zhu Guangbing

online users suffered pain, that the national wealth, motives.

June 12th: Zhu Guangbing sent a fax and e-mail to the Secretary of the board of directors of Vanke, issued a written letter to Mrs. Wang Shi and mrs..

June 18th:

Zhu Guangbing called Wang Shi’s press secretary, the Secretary replied that Vanke 16 by director Shen Bin reply email, Vanke board meeting to discuss, not to buy the domain name to build the disaster area primary school, and advised Zhu Guangbing not to need to ask Wang Shi himself.

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