Gain and loss of creative project financing platform Kickstarter


technology news (Lin Jingdong) October 13th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, the financing platform of creative projects Kickstarter found many unknown consumers dream, but to set off a revival of the wind in the hardware industry, the model needs to be further improved.

we seem to have entered a golden age of product design, all the world’s highest market value of Apple’s business are built on it more than a dozen consumer products, at the same time we have unlimited potential for industrial design and creative feel more shocked. Why do I often feel disappointed when I go out with my product design colleagues, perhaps because all of the design ideas have been transferred to the software and applications. Designers are often playing a very important role in today’s start-ups. But to involve hardware startups, unless you have a good talk with best buy or WAL-MART distribution agreement, otherwise it is difficult to get the attention of investors risk.

It’s hard to say when

‘s innovative hardware, like MakerBots and 3D, will be in the mass market. But in any case, Kickstarter finally provides a platform for attracting investment for hardware creative projects. I recently published an article on the subject in the New York Times, and now I’d like to share with you. I found that a Kickstarter centric hardware start-up model has quietly formed, and quickly became the industry’s attention. The following is my point of view from the point of view of product design on this phenomenon.


smart watch Pebble (Tencent technology plan)

good side

1, Kickstarter saved many old projects

product design is governed by the law of supply and demand. There are a lot of creative ideas in the world, but few of them become products. So most designers have a lot of good ideas and good ideas. Although many ideas and ideas spawned a lot of design companies, but there is a long distance between them and the market. Now you might say that we don’t need a new tablet that looks slightly different from the existing product, but many other categories of products have been ignored, such as watches and thermostats. These products can not be synchronized with the current digital era. Perhaps the greatest contribution of Kickstarter is to let these people ignore the product life, to see the sun.

2, people now believe that technology can also be very real existence

Apple advertising make consumers believe that get in by every opening of the charm of magic, and fill the gap between reality and dream. 10 years ago only in science fiction

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