CEO handle beam break to focus on thousands of War the future need deep low-frequency scene group pu

handle net CEO beam Chuang

Sina Technology Liu Anni

if you use a few words to summarize the Internet in 2012, "buy" must be one of them.

According to the

research institution of third party electronic commerce Analysys International Statistics, throughout the first half of 2011, the company engaged in the group purchase industry from 2010 at the end of 2612, to 5300, with an average of almost 10 a day of the speed of rapid growth.

however, along with the international economic environment gradually deteriorated, capital began to become cautious, which rely on "burn" live, group purchase website profit model single, is undoubtedly a fatal blow. Under the capital wind blow, quick death many fast-growing group purchase website, but the first half of the year survival. From the second half of the year to date, has announced the collapse of the group buying site reached more than 1 thousand and 800, accounting for about the most brilliant period of the group buying site of 40%.

then, beauty group accepted Ali shares, Suning with full network, public comment hand Tencent, sticky bondage Baidu, once the group purchase boss handle network did not escape the fate of being incorporated by the acquisition of sanpower group.

for the past thousand wars, lashou CEO beam Chuang said, rely on the fight capital subsidy model to expand the market scale, not a sustainable business model, by way of subsidies attract users actually lack of group purchase website brand loyalty. Who’s high subsidies, some of the concessions, the user will buy who buy, the user is nothing more than a APP download. But there’s always a day to burn.

in fact, when the group purchase war began, each game player has already killed red eye, from online business development subsidies, line, push, completely unaware of this vicious competition mode for huge hidden dangers buried by industry. As of now the travel market in general, Burn spell market, turned around, but only the "price" of loyal users.

Liang Chuang said, in fact, buy the site from the merchant resources, operational capacity, and many other aspects, there is not much difference, the business model is the same.

"in the industry as first-line fight enterprises, we found that the service life of the local business environment has undergone great changes, and no large-scale investment in the past like that with what we expected a considerable income."

and buy site, the most valuable is to get the data after the cultivation of the market, through the link between businesses and consumers, has accumulated a huge amount of data.

then the data how to play the commercial value? Liang Chuang said, the future is in the consolidation of the C at the same time, the force on the B side, the use of our brand and scale, on the one hand for the majority of businesses to provide high quality mobile Internet and IT services, on the other hand, using the handle network project operation and business development capabilities. And some specific industry business cooperation, to provide for the height of the whole.

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