Zhang Zhaoyang recalls Entrepreneurship Sohu Sina had considered the merger


Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang


technology news February 1st morning news, Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang, CEO Wang Zhidong last night to click on the science and Technology Museum of finance academy "quack" salon, and share the stories of the early Internet business in the field, Zhang Zhaoyang said the Sohu and Sina had the opportunity to merge, and he was through an early start of the propaganda borrow arrows with thatched boats located. Sohu early market brand publicity strategy.

following Zhang Zhaoyang share part at the scene, because the original long, Sina technology has selection and deletion of:

The origin of the


borrow arrows with thatched boats

95 years ago I did postdoctoral research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States, at that time many students feel lonely, to marry early and having a stable life, daily home life or go to the laboratory study, soon to get PHD. I and they are not the same, spent a lot of time playing on the above, causing me to take PHD a little longer, but the bad thing turned into a good thing.

because I came to the internet. At that time Chinese is rawish subculture in the United States, I realized the game in the United States, and I think the Internet is too great, so I want to return home. At the end of 95, China was considered a very backward country in the third world. So by the end of 95, I went back home with a broken box for $one thousand a month.

but at the time I returned to help friends to do online financial services, the specific mode is the search of financial information to the Wall Street, then in Poland, Russia, India, Chinese have a branch to his collection of world economic information to Wall Street investment, the Internet is the transmission tool, the company referred to as ISI. I said to my friend, "I’ll help you for a year, but then I’m going to start a business.".

at the end of 96, I finally got the ISI on the shelf and I had to start my own business. I went to MIT with some professors such as Negroponte to talk about financing, the first successful financing is 96 years in October, the first capital of $about 200000.

was in the country to do yinghaiwei Zhang Shuxin is a journalist, love marketing and publicity, to "shuozihuashengcun" author Negroponte to Chinese, at the time of the great American celebrity professor is a great thing to go to China. I was told that I could invite her, but she didn’t believe it. How could Negroponte be such a great person to invest in me?

later for such a seminar, Department of Electronics was opened several times seminars, yinghaiwei also pay special attention to this matter, they light the market will gathered 40 people to organize it, and specially sent a car to the airport to meet Negroponte, and foreign express is, Negroponte is to China yinghaiwei to inspect, China Publishing marketing digital wave effect.

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