How to use the network hot spots to create revenue

is good at forgetting, vowed yesterday, with certainty, maybe tomorrow is not lost, it does not take a long time to maintain.


Malaysia Airlines accident, we have in the micro-blog space prayer, candles; then the article is exposed, we forget the candles, to ridicule other people’s affairs have condemned; recently to the tip of the tongue 2 aired what happened before, almost forgotten.

a hot spot disappeared because another hot, fickle forgetfulness is human nature, which is probably a good thing, because the world will change unpredictably endless possibilities exist.

today, to share and share what we can do with these hot spots.

to the tongue of China 2, for example, it’s time to compare the fire is this.

summed up, the use of hot spots to do something, the benefits are relatively large in the following four areas:

one, do hot related products

this is the most simple, the most common example is the star of the same paragraph, on the tip of the tongue above 2, is the food inside. Because these people focus very much, every one will have a lot of fun, people take the initiative to Taobao and other places to search, if we are ready to supply timely shelves, not much competition, easily selling.


use hot selling products have to pay attention to is: must use positive hot spots, if the article when the scandal broke out to do with his money, that is not a good idea.

two, the use of hot traffic

above to do the product of this method, not everyone can do, but this method, can do it.

when there is a hot discussion, most people are not loose structure, probably a few words or not just get throught a thing carelessly, speak, if there is a long article, can cause a lot of reading and forwarding. I think a lot of people are more willing to see the text a little more content, that is to say, most of the people are lazy, in the content of consumption. If we are serious at this time to collect materials, to create a good content, the article will soon be able to spread throughout micro-blog, QQ space, circle of friends.

here is the collection of materials list of the "1" on the tip of the tongue China recipe in the QQ space to share and reproduced almost 270 thousand, if a forwarding has at least 10 people, then this article can affect 2 million 700 thousand people, a huge flow of. If you add an ad in the article, you can produce much benefit is immeasurable, as long as the content is good, plus advertising will not affect the spread.

if I insert a sentence in the article: more food recipes, please pay attention to the wood spring QQ space XXX what will happen?


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