The commercialization of lizus personal blog site

    is there a commercial value for personal blogs? I try to help friends to do the promotion, in my blog site, I carefully selected a few words, and did not care, a few days later, I have seen from the statistics to customers, then I found that this effect is really good. In general, the blog to record some of their personal things, we look at is to make friends, there is no commercial flavor, pure natural, pure personal communication, so the blog is an open private diary. But I think, this is actually not that do some commercial things, such as a business, send a job like, someone interested in nature will see, no interest is not to look at the. Once more, in order to create a feeling of confusion with other blog content, I have separate sections: business services that will take independent commercial stuff up, will not affect the whole blog feeling.

    why is this feasible? I think first of all thanks to the benefits of the blog system, which makes it easy to find a word on a search engine. Because most of the original blog is something, search engine score is relatively high. In addition, if your blog is attractive enough, there is always a part of the people in the natural interest in the commercialization of things, you will also have the contents of the browser, it has played a role in the promotion of.

one or two years ago many do blog are commercial issues like blog, how to generate income? Advertising will affect the overall layout, and publishing may not be able to do a few people. I think you can do some other ideas, one is by the famous blog, Mu Zimei and a number of predecessors already made an example; the other one is in the blog in some commercial content, the profit model can naturally in many aspects, all will benefit.  

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