Website promotion six magic weapon

1, text chain advertising: is to write a paragraph, the link will be placed on the site after the company’s website in the corresponding sections of the major portals. If the user to see and click on the Internet, you can browse to the enterprise website. The industry had brought about the ad rate for statistical analysis, in the China biggest portal home page, known as every million hits, the actual click in about 1000 times, and then the price is very expensive. This method is suitable for the enterprises funded, the purpose is not to bring order through the connection, to ensure their own brand in the external communication.

2, search engine results login: search engine login is to pay a certain fee, and then included. Ordinary type included: only to ensure that included your site, does not guarantee the rankings and location, obviously, this promotion effect can not be included in the collection, of course, the charges will be cheaper. The results of the search engine login cost is not much, is a kind of network promotion for small businesses, but due to the lack of service model, its effect is not stable, is not the best choice.

3, search engine results text chain: the reason can not assess the effect, because this approach has just launched. The advantage of this approach is to focus on the target customers, for example, the user in the search for "chair", he is on the search engine to search out the results of the "chair" related businesses. Because it is in accordance with the length of time to collect fees, so the disadvantage of this approach is that the user does not know how many people in the end of their web site concerned and read, I do not know that the order is the result of.

4, search engine rankings: search engine rankings are popular in recent years, the world’s network promotion services, PPC and search engine charges have a similar place, but essentially different. They are similar, because they are using the search engine platform to promote. That is essentially different, because the price is not ranked according to the ranking of the length of time, but in accordance with the actual charges brought by the customer site. PPC charges, click the record number is valid, and we are on the basis of the charges. Therefore, this is a truly in accordance with the effect of charging network promotion services.

5, e-mail marketing: the so-called e-mail marketing, is the company to buy e-mail address library, will be their own and product information sent by e-mail. This is spam email recipients. The advantages of this marketing approach, many shortcomings. The first is not a clear goal, basically is a form of. Secondly, due to the recipient of the spam mail is hated to see such a delete, the effect is not, a lot of people have set up anti spam system, do not take on such messages, on the enterprise brand damage is inestimable, not recommended to adopt this kind of marketing mode.

6, network advertisements: traditional media network pictures such as newspapers and magazines and billboards on advertising is very similar, it’s easy to understand: when users browse a web page, it placed advertising banners, >

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