nternational language teaching italki completed $3 million A round of financing

news June 22nd, today international language teaching trading platform italki announced the completion of $3 million A round of financing, the investor is the Internet learning platform hujiang.


for the current round of financing, italki said, will be mainly used for business expansion and mobile application development, accelerate the update of existing Android end products, and plans to launch the iOS version during the year.


founder Fu Cairui said, italki is the value of its investment growth potential, both complementary business, resource sharing, to form a synergy. Shanghai river network is dedicated to provide users with convenient and high-quality full range of products and services of the Internet learning network learning platform.

italki is a joint venture between the United States and Chinese investors to provide language learning courses for language learners around the world. Currently, italki has about 2000000 users, providing English, Spanish and other more than 70 kinds of language learning courses. Teachers are divided into two types of professional teachers and community counseling.

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