Baidu look heavy, Google look weight

engaged in network promotion for many years, I do not know if you have no such experience, Baidu search rankings more important web page quality, the number of GOOGLE were more important external links, in fact, search the purpose is the same, is to bring more high-quality web search results to the front row, let users you can get more valuable things.

who is more popular search results


Baidu and GOOGLE is really well matched, regardless of the flow, visibility, practicality, and even search algorithms on a fight to be roughly the same, but in the domestic use of the view, Baidu seems to be more superior, after all, Baidu is native products, it is very familiar with the domestic actual situation, not only can more objectively evaluate all the actual value of the website, also can more accurately understand the needs of users, users need to find things, and GOOGLE to provide users with search results, a set of algorithms die taste, it is strictly in accordance with the provisions of the sorting algorithm, no artificial adjustment and modification, this often is at home a lot of good at cheating website to grasp, using a variety of means to illegally improve their GOOGLE rankings, and sometimes when you click on GOOGLE When the first few search results, feel really unsatisfactory……

what kind of website should be placed in front of the


personally think that search engines should provide users with more valuable website, more able to meet user needs, can give the user help website, actually the search results whether satisfactory, this is the user evaluation quality of search engine is very important, but it is very difficult to grasp things, then search for the engine is concerned, how to play the role of referee, in the hundreds of millions of web pages for the user, need to find


GOOGLE gives way, whose external links, who is a good thing, this is a method of your own as everyone knows, said he is also not what people outside that what you are, what your opinion is, from a certain extent, this is a fair ten judge, although this algorithm in foreign countries is not questioned, but came to the China, and change Chinese, "too much, even if twenty people only write a blog, Chinese blog also has one hundred people even beyond count; only a website, Chinese website also has been overwhelming; even if five hundred people only one website guestbook, China website this message is also better than the stars in the sky; it is for those who use cheating site provides mass basis to the fullest GOOGLE, is in need of external links? Well, we went to the forum and message of the up large mass of information, and add links to our website that has led some to spread through link spam site quickly to GOOGLE front, but to GOOGLE too good for these cheating sites no >

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