How to use soft Wen marketing in the forum The first question soft Wen Wen

soft how important marketing, basically do not have to say.

I just n years ago to enter the advertising planning industry, the main practice of only two things, write the program and write the soft. At that time, brain platinum soft series has been very respected. I think the best case melatonin to them, the key is not advertising, then the vulgar bombing "received only melatonin TV commercials, a series of soft but a dozen years ago, serialized in newspapers, that a series of soft Wen led directly to the brand started from zero naobaijin. Regardless of whether they have soft, exaggerated ingredients from their soft skills, the angle and the style of writing is very worth learning, especially the title.

with the passage of time, up to now, the network marketing era, communication channels present multi center, diversification, people’s attention has been dispersed, coupled with social networking to everyone to share information more and more convenient, therefore, the role of the soft is more prominent.

is now a lot of network marketing experts, first of all, the master of soft Wen planning. Who use the soft kill who know.

a group of excellent soft Wen planning, together with the effective release strategy, can play a hard advertising can not reach the effect. And save a lot of money relative to hard advertising.

but I think the soft and can not be a draft of the world. Different channels, the soft Wen written as


, for example, we want to send the soft news platform, and the forum inside the soft, it is necessary to use a different approach.

forum in the network marketing, will be ignored by some people, because I heard more than once that the forum has become obsolete. The forum is really out of date? On the forum marketing significance and actual effect in "if you ignore the Forum promotion value?" and "a fine post has lasted several years" the two drainage money? Also expressed my views and case.

today to talk about the forum soft text inside a more common move, but also personally think it is best to use the most likely to have the effect of a move – the question of soft wen.

what is the question of the soft Wen is the problem as the title, the other people from the forum a look at the list, I know that this post is in question.

why I think this is the best use of the soft


I think there are two main aspects: 1 people have curiosity. The method of questioning itself is easier to arouse people’s curiosity from the subconscious. For example, the two Title: "Lan Xiang and the strongest excavator technology", "Which excavator school tops the list?", if you are in a forum list and see the two title, you have not heard in the case of Lan Xiang, and just interested in the research about excavator technology broad and profound, which will be more likely to inspire you curiosity? Which is more easy to click



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