The trend of future marketing planning of WeChat store

WeChat will put more people out of mobile phone content docking an indispensable tool, the new engine will become a commercial profit means in the next few years, there are now more and more enterprises, businesses and individuals to start for the development and application of WeChat business model. There may be a link to the reality of a series of business activities. From the above letter to YY Lelin about WeChat store daydream future patterns and trends in


a. WeChat’s versatile way.

1 e-commerce

2 member management



4 discount promotions

5 audio and video advertising

6 text messaging, micro book display

7 crowd positioning function,

8 accurate intent crowd, accurate customer group

two. Online mall = WeChat mall

build a network of WeChat commodity city. Before we put the products are changed to scan the two-dimensional code

For example:

has been a traditional website based on: http://s.***.com/ how to convert the online products into two-dimensional code display. And through the mobile phone scanning to promote the dissemination of products.

will also change to XX merchandise based XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX two-dimensional code supermarket display.

1 after scanning through the phone to the mobile phone platform WeChat can browse the display of goods

2 WeChat mall transformed with the circle of friends to share, recommend and comment on each other

3 WeChat scan through the phone to the mobile port transactions, payment methods.

three. Enterprise website = WeChat brand communication

idea is like this: like the WeChat public platform. The enterprise will do business management, a certain brand of micro letter hebing010o management and marketing integration.

can be connected to the functional needs of WeChat ERP system and OP system can achieve docking function.

1: for example, I am a company employee. Now employees are younger. Now employees are using WeChat’s smart phone software. They are also concerned about the company’s WeChat account. As a boss, how do you make better use of WeChat to manage and call on employees to better understand and supervise the business?

A. corporate rules and regulations, culture, as well as important meeting notice and the latest announcement. These features can be used in the text of WeChat information dissemination to inform your staff.

B. employee leave, work report, work >

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