How to take the customer as the center to write powerful psychological page copy

remember what I said to you before 4P and 4C, their respective characteristics are mainly, 4P product centric, 4C customer centric. Different starting point to write out the page copy is bound to a world of difference. Below the author clock (Zhong Shenyan) to talk about the content, how to take the customer as the center, write the hearts and minds of the inside pages of


page design to be absolutely customer centric, rather than product centric. Both online and offline, we do business, is in dealing with people, rather than the "commodity"! Who is the passions, have feelings, so we sell goods, should have to convey emotion as the main line, through the sale of goods to convey an emotion out, to keep the customer happy heart.

we store the goods after a good location, with the goods, it should be for the goods to identify specific customers. We must first solve the problem is who is the customer! We all should know, no matter what the goods are in fact, there are two types of people, one is the end user of goods, the other is a commodity buyers. And sometimes the buyer of the goods and the user is overlapping, but sometimes users and buyers of goods do not overlap. I do not know you understand?

for example, the special gift category, the people who buy is not necessarily I use, but to others. Even if we have to buy clothes, sometimes not to buy their own, but for mom and Dad, or male and female friends to buy, right? So, the customer centered within the pages of text, we must dig something to sell goods, purchase gifts have pointed out what benefits the recipient or the user what good.

here, we have to talk about the value of the goods and the use of non value.

the last tutorial we mentioned non use value, I also did not say what is called non use value. I do not know if we have to check their own? We do not only copy the inside pages of the use of the value of goods, and sometimes the use of a commodity is more important to the value of non use.

what is the value of the non use of that product,


1, the added value of the brand;

2, copy of the identity and image;

3, matches the profession;

4, feeling, a lot of customers to buy things is a feeling;

5, face, the most talked about face.

page copy must give customers the value of the use of non commodity demands, so as to stimulate the potential needs of a customer. For example, the LV package, we all know very expensive, actually a bag use value is the decoration is not something, but why LV will be able to sell so expensive? Is it the non use value is high, it can bring people to the noble, high-end, fashion and other non use value, meet most people’s vanity.


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