The advantages and disadvantages of several mainstream website promotion methods


website development can not be separated from the promotion, but there are different ways to promote. Each webmaster is good at different ways, different resources, may also take a different approach, in the circle of the webmaster more popular way to have soft Wen promotion, Q & a promotion, post promotion and SNS promotion. I have tried several ways above, combined with their own practical experience, to share with you, focus on communication, welcome criticism.

soft Wen: difficult in the beginning, the area wide fan

soft Wen promotion effect is very good, but it is difficult to start. Because many webmaster mentioned write soft body on the back, said he can’t write, let alone insist on writing for a long time. In fact, soft and not everyone imagined so terrible, it is a kind of once you start to write, will be more and more want to write, write more confident way. You can see some of the more well-known webmaster Mou Changqing, Lu Songsong and so on are very good at writing soft Wen and share, we are in touch with them from the soft start. So the soft effect is very good, the characteristic is difficult in the beginning, guizaijianchi.

Q & A: entry simple, durable and difficult

master using a day to ask platform can be seven thousand IP, this is not alarmist. So many webmaster use inquiry platform promotion, this entry is simple, but lasting more difficult, why? You just answer a few questions began to feel a lot of fun, but for a long time will find a lot of repetition to make you feel tired, the account will be closed, IP will be limited, followed by is not new, but the challenge, so I want to ask use to do the promotion, the focus is to keep the patient, a good number, long-term effect is very ideal.

post: seemingly simple, in fact, otherwise

post generally include forum post or blog post, no matter what kind of way, is to promote for the purpose. It is characterized by maintaining the quality and efficiency of the most critical. For example, you release a cow paste technology, it is likely to be widely reproduced in a large number of clicks, and collection, transmission power of nature can not be underestimated. But if a general post, almost no sense of what, three to five seconds after the user will forget the contents of your post, therefore, is not chelunzhan post promotion, it is technology. Of course, if you use the time to post propaganda, is not the scope of this article, here that is free of charge. Therefore, the post is a force to live, it is a technical activity.

SNS: creativity first, diligent key

is now very popular SNS, we use this network to promote their feelings, it has a rapid spread, efficient, fast and so on. Many webmasters use micro-blog to promote, then the focus is on the number of fans, the important point is to attract fans by creative, now is not the lack of topic, but lack of creativity, if you are good at creating innovative, often inspired, so it is very suitable for micro-blog marketing. If you are an old 3

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