The twenty anniversary of the birth of Java a review of the development of the programming world


as early as the early 90s of last century, the birth of the consumer electronics experiment has been the outcome of this week ushered in its twentieth year as the main solution for enterprise computing. There is no doubt that Java has become a dominant platform, can run on any Java virtual machine can support the environment, but also successfully withstood the impact of the language and other competitive constantly exposed security disputes over the years.

Java has been able to dominate in this road stride forward singing militant songs, by virtue of the synergistic effect of their various advantages. Java language is used as a programming tool launched in 1995 was born, then in the Sun Microsystems Green team — including James Gosling, Mike Sheridan and many other outstanding talents under the impetus of development ushered in the golden age for a period of five years. The technical team hopes to combine information and programming, so that the web browsing experience more dynamic, while the digital consumer devices and computer combination – both in the client level or solution level. In view of this, originally known as the "Oak" Java project to the client Applet technology for the first time the attitude of widespread concern. But then it was found that the Java long-term goal is actually to the server – and this should be attributed to the development of Sun, IBM and Oracle three companies to provide the service oriented support, Forrester research analyst Jeffrey Hammond recalls.

In fact, "

" write once, run everywhere will become the concept of "difficult to achieve in covering all types of showing a serious tendency of fragmentation of client devices, but in the confusion degree is low, but still by the supplier through the framework of R & D investment made on the server platform can bring ideal effect in practice Hammond said,". "History tells us that the virtual machine system Java for most developers than ever written and portable C code is more convenient, and it also has a good supplier support ability."

Current status of


benefited from a good early development trend, Java now has more than 1 billion downloads per year, and is installed in the enterprise desktop of 97% of them, Oracle Corp released such statistics. In fact, Java development is still the most reliable technical reserves for developers today. It not only keeps 9 million Java developers, but also has been in the Tiobe, PyPL and RedMonk programming language and popularity even topped the first top job site.

"in addition to C language and C++, Jav>

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