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station network (www.admin5.com) November 6th news, recently there are users on the professional Kafan forum said, use QQ account login browser Sogou, can see thousands of other users of personal accounts, including QQ, Alipay, email, bank property involves the user account information, or even directly into someone else’s transfer to Alipay shopping, or direct payment transactions.

yesterday morning, a netizen named "k53941" in Kafan forum posting said, Sogou browser major security vulnerabilities exist, the user login authorization Sogou browser through the QQ account, you can view a large number of other users to account, including banks, Alipay and other property related to user account information, or even direct access to other people’s Bank, online shopping accounts for transfer or payment transactions. The Post wrote user experience, "always use Sogou browser, recently updated version 4.2, login more slowly, a few even found Sogou browser a big loophole! Use QQ account login Sogou, a few quick exit, wait a few minutes, Sogou browser will automatically download the password automatically fill in a form, favorites," a huge update reminders, favorites are not my saved! "

soon Sogou official issued a statement, said that this phenomenon does not exist, acts of unfair competition and alludes to this event as rivals launched.

is the official statement of the following Sogou full text:

to defend the interests of users and the spirit of the Internet Sogou user book

November 5th, we found that there is an account on micro-blog, Sogou browser stored significant security vulnerabilities a large number of user privacy is compromised". In this regard, Sogou browser technical team for the first time to verify that this phenomenon does not exist.

has been dedicated to providing users with safe and reliable products and services, and strictly protect the privacy of users, please rest assured that the use of the majority of users.


adhere to the road of independent development, the strong momentum of development, which makes some of its rivals as. Here we appeal: do not kidnap the user in the name of deception and intimidation of the user’s means, repeatedly launched unfair competition!

this, Sogou will not give up a variety of ways, including the law, in order to resolutely defend the Internet open, free spirit, safeguard the ultimate interests of the majority of users.



but in the last night things have a dramatic turn account stolen, after I post." At 20:31 yesterday, the first in Kafan forum posting netizen "k53941" in the forum said in a statement. I personally declare that, due to the forum ID:k53941 account password stolen, the use of the account of the account issued by the ‘Sogou major security vulnerabilities can be directly logged in thousands of accounts’ and so on a number of attacks Sogou search >