Google Chinese re search is still unable to use the CP license to hang out

July 5th, Google Chinese updated its homepage, to hang out their ICP (Internet Content Provider, Internet content provider license), and adds music, translation and shopping three links, but Google search business is still unable to use Chinese.

Google China PR Wang Jinhong confirmed to the Post reporter Google home page changes. Wang Jinhong said that this is only the home page updates, and without any relationship with the ICP license annual inspection, there is no latest news can be published.

by convention, June 30th is the deadline for ICP inspection. Google said it had previously submitted to the ICP annual inspection request. In order to successfully pass the ICP annual inspection, in June 29th, Google announced the cessation of domain name automatically jump from practice, to resolve the dissatisfaction of Chinese officials".

available information shows that the Google China homepage to hang out "ICP card B2-20070004" is acquired in July 2007, run by Google and joint venture Beijing Guxiang Information Technology Co. ltd.. Wang Jinhong said yesterday that Google’s ICP license in China is valid for 5 years, to 2012 failure, during the annual regular annual inspection.

Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau information shows that at present, Google information technology (Chinese) Co. Ltd., Beijing Guxiang Information Technology Co. Ltd., double-click the software technology program (Beijing) company three, through the Haidian Branch Trade and Industry Department completed 2009 of the annual corporate enterprise annual inspection, and goo information technology (Shanghai) Ltd. Beijing branch by the Chaoyang Branch of Beijing central business district and the completion of the inspection.