Flash net operation for nearly two years today ended the two major reasons for the failure of exposu


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flash shoot network from abroad a Swoopo


flash shoot home network released the last announcement

              Sina Francisco December 31st noon news, bidding auction website network (saapaa.com) flash shot after operating for nearly two years, today issued a notice to terminate the operation. Flash shot today in the home network announcement concluded that negative information too much, just raised questions about the two factors, the outside world seems to be a lucrative project "finally subsided.

flash shot network was founded in early 2010, the formal operation mode of foreign popular Swoopo. The so-called Swoopo model is a kind of gambling mode of operation of the auction auction site.

according to previous media reports, flash shot all commodity price from 0 yuan, each bid bidders need to pay a flash point or the beat, bid a price up 0.01 yuan, in the countdown 0 seconds, if no one bids, the last bidder successful bid to, if someone bid, time the number of seconds the auction continues.

when the number of people involved too much, the bidders can not determine whether he is the last bidder, in order to ensure that the goods can be purchased, they will bid again and again. As long as the number of participants in theory, although the price of the final commodity turnover is very low, but in fact there are a large number of users bid and more than the market price of the goods, the site profit.

this model from the time of emergence, it raises the question of the outside world. Some commentators have pointed to "the money, is in the consumer when the fool is found only a matter of time". In fact, Swoopo at the end of March this year has been in Germany for bankruptcy.

in the operation of summing up experiences and lessons of failure, flash shoot network said in the announcement to stop operations is the "two fundamental problems cannot be solved:" carrying too much negative information, and can not eliminate the doubts about the fairness of the.


announcement also said that the successful bid and insured the final days of the purchase of goods will be shipped as usual, so also for other matters. Flash network will be staged in January 4, 2012 refund. In addition, the auction will also be phased network of our website’s latest source code, statistical analysis and other data available to everyone to download. (Meng Hong)