Liu Jianguo said he would love to help network counterclaim unfair competition



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Liu Jianguo CEO

November 18th morning news yesterday, micro-blog CEO Liu Jianguo in the net love a band in November 12th hearing the public comment v. love to help network case made a point of view that also filed a counterclaim "unfair competition" for public comment.

Liu Jianguo said: "love is life 1, local search, aggregation, indexing, display user reviews are in line with the general practice of search engine; 2, the user comment is the evaluation of consumption of Internet users, the right to Internet users, the public comments to get user reviews his own interests; 3, love also filed a" unfair "the competition for public comment counterclaim."

for the trial, is already the third consecutive public prosecution". Love to help network lawyer Hua Jianming said, this is a serious violation of the fundamental principles of law in idem ", belongs to the repeated litigation. the same facts for the same reason, ignoring the court verdicts, the prosecution not only increased the love again and again, the unnecessary cost of operation, the more damage the reputation of love, at the same time it is a waste of judicial resources, their behavior is malicious.

love network official also said that in the proceedings, the people’s Court of Haidian District has asked the net love a band to review the legality of the terms of overlord comment user agreement, and that of the litigation and the counterclaim confident of victory.

it is reported that by the end of 2007, and began to love to help network infringement disputes, said to review the contents of net love a band without permission included his own site, constitute infringement. April 2008, the public comment network formally to the Haidian District City People’s Court of Beijing on the grounds of copyright infringement proceedings.

however, the net love a band to the Beijing first intermediate people’s Court of appeal.

September 9, 2009, the Beijing first intermediate people’s court made the final judgment, because and common users have copyright and the prosecution of the main defects, no compilation rights grounds to overturn a trial results. (Li Qing)