Chinese start Jian Wang action against nternet piracy

July 4 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Sui Xiaofei) reporter from the 4 held in Beijing, the 2012 special treatment to combat Internet piracy "sword action" press briefing was informed that carried out jointly by the national copyright administration, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of industry, the state Internet Information Office of the four sector "sword action" to start recently, will until the end of October this year, for a period of 4 months.

this special action will focus on the provision of works, performances, audio and video products and other content sites, provide storage space or the search link service website and online trading platform website, around the network literature, music, film, games, animation, software and other key areas as well as books, audio and video products, electronic publications, network publications and other key products, strengthen supervision, to check the broken completed a number of major cases as the goal, and effectively maintain the copyright order under the network environment, the health standard, effectively curb piracy infringement under the network environment the high momentum, establish long-term working mechanism of copyright protection under the network environment, to further promote the prosperity and development of the Internet industry.

2012 "sword action" will be carried out 5 key tasks, respectively: investigating a number of major cases; to continue to carry out video website active supervision work; strengthen supervision of copyright of the network trading platform; improve the supervision and coordination mechanism; strengthen publicity and education, improve the network environment in the enterprise and the public awareness of copyright law.