nternet entrepreneurs club will set up the first SEO Guide

It is reported that

, organized by Baidu Internet entrepreneurs club is about to start, there will be Robin Li, Cai Wensheng, Yao Jianjun, Kong Dejing and other dozens of well-known master in the club will start, scheduled for August 14th was held in Crowne Plaza Park View Wuzhou Beijing.

It is reported that

, in order to help the healthy development of Internet, Internet entrepreneurs support innovation strength, expand cooperation and development space of Internet entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs club organized by Baidu will be officially launched in August 14th, the start will invite national small owners to participate, the station only immediately after registration will start in August 14th, witnessed the release platform by then, Baidu will be launched and the issuance of the "search engine optimization guide".

according to a detailed understanding of the Internet entrepreneurs club for the majority of small and medium-sized webmaster founded purpose is to support the growth of small owners to support Internet innovation strength, green ecological environment to build the Internet, cooperation and expand the space for development of Internet entrepreneurs, established with Baidu and other high-quality resources interface.

said the owners, "the establishment of Internet entrepreneurs club makes many small owners to connect to the Internet, love those who wish to join the Internet to build a non-profit platform for the webmaster, is a good development platform, in this platform, you can learn a lot of knowledge, to get more help."

Internet Entrepreneur Club will start registration address: http://s.research.baidu.com/index.php? Sid=97422& lang=zh-Hans