World nternet Conference will bring us what

(original title: World Internet Conference will bring us what?)


said the World Conference of the Internet, many users may ask: what is it with me? In fact, it is related to every one of us, especially the 668 million Internet users, as long as you surf the Internet (whether by computer or mobile phone), you couldn’t care less about network security, can not do not care about the network environment. For example, sometimes it will encounter " some WeChat, articles, posts, looked at no, was deleted. " the situation, this is why? For instance, sometimes for Internet rumors with network cheater troubles, and is impossible to guard against the trap of heart.

internet conference proposed sharing of governance, it is bound to further solve many problems in this regard.

annual Internet Conference, the mission will not be limited to the level of the mission. At the meeting, we will see what? 10 forum, the 22 issue, involving hot issues in network culture communication, innovation and development of the Internet, the digital economy cooperation, Internet technology standards, Internet governance etc.. In other words, in addition to Internet governance, but also includes the spread of Internet culture, Internet innovation and development, etc..

according to reports, more than and 260 companies from Europe, Asia, Latin America and other countries and regions will participate in the meeting on Internet, then, we will see that the first public appearance with the international advanced level of the Baidu driverless car; you can see the latest Volvo intelligent vehicle; virtual reality can see NOKIA’s latest release camera platform; Latin American Mobile Internet Co the largest exhibition for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio for the high-speed, secure wireless Internet platform……

Internet as one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth Century, the world into a " global village " a profound change in people’s production and life. How to change? Embodied in a new creative, reflected in a time of innovation, but also in the creation of a piece of.

for the host, the Internet certainly play a leading role. It is reported that the General Assembly established a new internet light exposition, focus on innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing ideas, the main display of Chinese Internet 20 years of development achievements, showing the development of the world Chinese Internet contribution, the Internet shows the latest technology and products and application.

just 20 years, the achievements of China’s Internet development has been recognized, only in 12th Five-Year this year, the list can be a number of landmark achievements in the past five years, and the authority figures:

" 12th Five-Year " during the network product variety, the number of climbing, record highs. Online video, online music, online literature, online games and other user size of 481 million, an increase of 100 million.

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