Xie Wen comments nternet Co top 10

      viewpoint excerpt:

      in the two quarter of the income scale, ranking is probably the first Tencent, NetEase, grand second, third, Sina fourth, Baidu fifth, sixth Sohu, Ctrip seventh, nine eighth, Tom ninth, qianchengwuyou tenth.

      if Tencent’s turnover to Lenovo is not surprising enough, if you consider the profit, its net profit is 38%. You may wish to take Lenovo earnings look, tens of billions of turnover, profit is not necessarily more than Tencent.

      the Internet is a sunrise industry, full of opportunities and risks, but also full of desire for wealth and success of pride. Some people say that the Internet is no longer a blue ocean, in fact, we are just in the middle of the vast blue sea surfaced, took a look, not more than five meters, has just begun.

      if taking into account the ten Internet Co I just said, are not state-owned enterprises, without exception, are listed in the international capital market, what does that mean? In fact, we are township enterprises, is laid-off farmers, we have to take advantage of the country, in fact, our social status is not high, all rely on the last ten years, large and small companies, with their own labor, with their own brains, with their own hands to create hard.

      Tencent is by far the most dynamic, healthiest and most promising company in the world. Followed by Baidu, third ctrip. Ctrip’s profit revenue and profit growth of stability, management change, business expansion, after the first booking tickets and so on, the three is my personal admire the company.

      if you want to start their own business, or have started to do business, or is willing to do observation, I think the problem may be a little macro point of view, the problem can be a little more stable.

      if there is any company to sideways than advertising, Internet, wireless value-added, these four games have done: four legs, three legs of the Tencent, the NetEase, the rest are two legs, or one.

      if from the top five of the top, I think the order is Tencent, NetEase, Sina, Baidu, Sohu, which is the Internet can participate in the all-around game.

      Baidu apparently has not reached its peak, from its growth rate can be seen, more than one hundred percent growth rate, the scale is still in the next year, I can be sure that it is in the top three in.

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