The three qualities that a successful webmaster needs

      Lao She said: happy families are all alike, unhappy families are unhappy in their own way. So we can say like this: the success of the webmaster are similar, not successful each have different. Preface

      in my opinion, it is now necessary to open a separate website, the quality of the requirements of the webmaster is getting higher and higher, because of the increasingly fierce competition in China’s internet. I think the success of master the most basic quality of three points, with the three points, I think many webmasters will not reach, may also be not convinced. Some people may say, not to say that you can not practice, you have to show me two hands let me look at ah, I am sorry, I have been in the network company with the boss mixed. Do the station also did not think, but even in front of the considerations are not considered clear ("do you have to consider several issues"), just continue to follow the boss.

      so what are the three basic points? First, to understand the technology, this technique can go big, to write procedures, also will be the art; second, understand the product design, the simple point is that also includes planning, promotion, operation and management of all aspects of the site; third, with strong sales ability.

      first, understand technology. On a website, but the technology is the most basic things, even the technology do not understand, let alone make out the website, so understand the procedure is quite important, only understand the procedure is not enough, you also have to do some art work, even with an advertisement will put advertising color adjust, maintain coordination with the whole website;

      second, understand product design. This point is plainly, on the website of the planning work, by the name of the first point, is the NetEase Ding Lei position: Chief architect. You have to know how to set their own web site, set where? Keyword how to set? The website is done, go to the promotion, promotion is not a joke, if not very good website promotion is a dead end, nobody knows you, against the slow accumulation of user, seems too tired is not realistic, unless your site is excellent, can attract people’s attention. You know when in fact you can also plan for their site analysis of the data, do the analysis, the function of the website is not strong, not just strange famous website, because component analysis with prospective inside. We take, for example, watercress, we say watercress is good, it is really great, we all admit that, so why is it so good? I think I am the north of the Internet’s ability to analyze the customer experience is very good, so he succeeded.

      third, with strong sales ability. Web site is done, the promotion has just started, not many people know your site, the site also need to continue to maintain it, the space for money, domain >