A survey of College Students’ master station — Thinking about our experience and value

college students are a group of people with dreams, college students are using their own technology, capital and team or individual in the effort to build their own online home. Perhaps, we have no capital, no space, no one even understand us, but we have our own Internet dream, because we are still young, every step is through our growth, we have been looking for and waiting.

of Renmin University of China students China webmaster survey research group completely composed of college students, is a basic condition of national student survey station, the main purpose is to understand all aspects of the current college students master learning, life and work. Such a survey is also a group of people who have dreams to do, in order to achieve their own academic dream. Just as with the establishment of a personal website, they are deeply aware of the need to step up their efforts to achieve their dreams, no matter what kind of mistakes or difficulties, they will march forward courageously.

whether you establish a personal website in order to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, or just for personal interest, or have no idea what Dan Chundi, they all think that you are very good, they want to do is to let the students master thinking students what is being done, what has been done and what can be done, and let more people the students know what is being done around the station, what has been done and what can be done. I hope they will bring you a reflection of the investigation, their final reflection – the survey report will be sent to you by e-mail.

for any problems encountered in the investigation, you can contact us by email, we sincerely accept criticism from all sides and comments: [email protected]

let us imagine our tomorrow.

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