July the world’s largest domain name registrar TOP30 China list of businesses accounted for 10%

according to IDC review network July survey shows that in this fierce battle in the domain name market, the United States is still the world’s largest registered domain name registrar. In 30 the world’s top, is only the United States accounted for 16, more than half of the total list ranking, and swept the top 6.

specific circumstances, please pay attention to the following data:


from the latest market data show that the global domain name registration agency rankings fluctuate slightly, the magnitude is smaller. The United States GO DADDY once again there is no suspense in the top 26485451 of the total, the domain name won 22.9461% of the market share, the world’s largest domain name registrar for the title also it must.

In July

, the global domain name registration authority before the 10 ranking remained on the pattern, only is the United States DSREDIRECTION.COM overtake Germany’s SCHLUND PARTNER, an increase of. Ranked tenth Chinese XINNET.COM (Beijing), than the previous period dropped a ranking. HICHINA (China civilink) from the eighteenth rose to seventeenth place. Also on the list but the lower ranks are from Hongkong China DOMAINDELUXE.COM, the ranking has not changed, ranked twenty-third.

analysis shows that China’s domain name registration agencies in the world only occupy a small share of Chinese enterprises in the information technology is still far behind the world. But at the same time, from the side, the Chinese domain name market has great potential.

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