Millet success revelation the perfect use of 28 rules and psychological marketing

"for the fancier and health" is the slogan of millet, millet to obtain large-scale success on the market from the establishment to experienced only a short period of less than 2 years, looking back on the growth process of millet, there may be some worthy of our webmaster to learn. In my opinion, the key to the success of millet is the successful use of the 28 law, with minimal input to get the highest return. What is the 28 rule? The 28 rule is to use the input of twenty percent for a return of eighty percent. As a webmaster, we pursue is how to get the maximum return with the lowest investment. Below, we come together to analyze the growth process of millet, learn from some valuable things.

1. Let consumers pay the lowest price to get the highest mobile phone

millet was an important reason for success is cheap and high. For users, spend less than 2000 dollars can buy a quad core high configuration mobile phone absolutely cost-effective, other brands such as Samsung mobile phone market in contrast, LG, to buy the configuration and configuration of the mobile phone millet almost the price of millet is far higher than the absolute. From the user’s point of view, the same two famous products, a price significantly higher than another high price, why should I choose the price to increase my burden? Millet is also using the characteristic of "high price" as the breakthrough point of open market.

and give us the inspiration is that we want to do a product that is welcomed by the user, we must stand in the user’s point of view, how to make the user to pay the lowest price to get the highest return. This is a key point of applying the 28 law.


two. No physical store management, the use of network sales

as everyone knows, there is no physical store millet mobile phone, all using the Internet sales issue, this also eliminates the need for rental shops, sales staff wages and a series of spending, it will save a lot of money. Millet under the funds can be used as research and development costs or for other purposes. As a result, give us the inspiration is: the province’s capital as far as possible to save, should not spend a cent of funds do not spend. As a webmaster, our funds will not be too abundant, can save the province, the province are their own, this is the last word!

, according to the author, the expenditure is generally in the server and broadband costs and promotion costs in these areas. The server, the author suggests that the webmaster in ensuring the website load capacity can save the province, especially the newly established traffic is not too large sites, as far as possible to use the space or VPS, there is no need to directly with the server, to the later visits up and then replaced the server or increase the bandwidth.

three. To do community, do a

mobile phone, marketing and promotion

millet phone when the issue, meter chat has a considerable scale, which will open the millet >

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