Copy the Rhetoric how to play our hyperbole

writing a copy will be applied to a variety of rhetorical skills, but many copies of the commonly used but they do not say. Or they inadvertently used, they do not know how to go. After all, there is a sense of the latter interpretation of the text, so it is usually after the completion of the analysis will be found in the study: "ah, this is the original rhetoric ah. "


this time to share with you: how to play the coquettish hyperbole rhetoric.

said the first is why


is actually very simple, he should be copywriter in second is often used as a rhetorical method. The first is metaphor.


said that not only copy, now people are talking very exaggerated, many people living in the most often used way of speaking is mostly hyperbole.

, for example, was scolded by your boss, and you might say, "I was scolded by my boss today.". "

or you are a handsome guy today boast a few, you made a circle of friends, said: "I have a handsome guy fell in love with me today. "

this example can not be finished, we are constantly using this statement in life.


(even Du Fu knows flamboyant)

let’s take a look at the general definition of dashy.

"Fine" definition of

speaking, writing, laying too exaggerated publicity, modification, far away from the objective fact, but the listener, the reader doesn’t doubt the truth of it, and that this method is called behoove, rhetorical exaggeration.

One of the most important points of

‘s definition is that it is far from an objective fact, but it does not doubt its authenticity.

look, those who copy written in exaggeration to not completely, you more than hyperbole, is cheating.

for example

If you say

products will eat like star, that everyone will think it is he won’t say you cheat.

but if you say that as long as you eat three days, you will be under the weight of 10 kilograms, it should be noted that if someone did not eat thin, you are cheating.

at this time, you can’t say: I was fine ah, 1 kg 10 kg as.

is not the same as hyperbole and exaggeration, many people write copy when did not understand this, especially in order to please the boss, and grab the effect of poor copywriter, always write a bunch of a look dumbfounded.

[hyperbole is a must in both sides have a common basis of cognition, the description of non reality]

is the basis of the different standards of cognition, the reality described exceeds expectations. [


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