Wang Ceng three steps to do business network marketing

in the past, I talked a lot about how to do network marketing methods, but not from a strategic height in terms of enterprise network marketing, today I through this article is divided into three steps concisely explain with everyone.

the first step, the construction of a marketing enterprise website

build a marketing type enterprise website is the basis of network marketing, from the big direction, the marketing website should meet the eleven characteristics, if you give the website construction service, taking out and unable to talk about do not meet the marketing website eleven features, and you can ask him to do a website. The value of your site I want to go there no more. In the past, I talked about the construction of the enterprise website is the entire enterprise external window, is a showcase enterprise, guide customers to produce the desire to buy the company’s live media. All aspects of the enterprise website are in place, then, your business network marketing work, such as building high-rise buildings, playing the foundation, with a solid foundation. Next, you just need to take advantage of all of the network marketing and offline marketing methods and resources for your site to promote appropriate, and provide a passion for online and offline services.

second steps, the appropriate site promotion

why, suitable for site promotion and not to the website promotion? Thing in the world is not strong, or efforts to do the best, but the appropriate promotion, suitable for their own is the best.

how to properly promote the site?

in fact, this is not difficult, at present, the domestic promotion, I think, we can do a fee, Baidu and Google search engine ranking promotion and to you are engaged in the industry of small and medium-sized industry related sites have certain flow and value of advertising, is not recommended to place a large web site (unless you want to quickly enhance the brand value), because the cost is high, the effect is not necessarily good than small and medium industry website. Because of the large web sites, often content is very broad, according to user groups, it is not clear, at present, I saw many companies advertising, to some large blog website, in fact, it is not wise, because write what are your advertisement in the display process, can be seen several target customers this is a big problem. Because these blog sites are operated by the site owners to manage the site. It is impossible for them to put you on a specific personal blog you specify. Of course, I personally feel that, if allowed, you can contact a number of industry experts blog, in the above advertising, the effect is also very good. But be sure to keep in mind that it is limited to blog. Instead of putting ads on the entire blog site.

Promotion of

free, it is many, you can read write an article "my colleagues of the seven basic network marketing method". I want to have some help.


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