How to quickly promote new station to get traffic

ha ha, today to talk about how to promote the site. There are many novice site after will find links to the promotion of hard, of course, if rich money bombing will soon get traffic, but the cost is not small, so how to better promote the website? Dragon Wangzhuan Forum ( as we summed up several effective ways, hoping to help you.

1: we all know that the website promotion is the best search engine landing, as indexed by search engines and is optimized to get good rankings, so every day there will be Everfount traffic, so we must SEO on site optimization. Specific optimization approach is very much, we can take a look at those search engine optimization tutorial, I believe that as long as the total pay return. Landing search engine is the only way to promote the site.

second: soft Wen promotion. Often wrote some of the summary to others to release some useful articles, a site such as webmaster nets, there’ll be a lot of people see, it is more important to have many sites will be reproduced in our article, this is on many websites for our website to do free advertising. The effect is very good. To promote the soft article must pay attention to the title of the article to write compelling, but also do not be divorced from reality.

third: mass advertising. E-mail can be used to promote the site software such as

fourth; viral marketing. Once saw a friend sent a connection to me through QQ, open a look is a beautiful web page, there is a very beautiful article. And the article is also very good, very meaningful. At the end of the day there was a requirement for the reader to forward the connection. Later, I found that you get this site by this way every day about 300 thousand of the IP, perhaps everyone in the chat QQ also saw a similar. Last time there was a picture of a woman was widely forwarded.

fifth: the use of hot news, readers can be induced by our website.

sixth: participate in community forums and other friends, like 360 friends as long as after registering your information is complete, there will be a lot of people to see, we put on our website on the web site, there will be a lot of people visit the website at

a lot of ways to promote the website in general, but the word of mouth is the best promotion, as long as we do a good job of the site, rich in content, we do not worry about the site can not be developed, is the gold will shine!

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