How to take the summer sports contest email marketing color


the hot summer, students and staff will usher in a holiday, participate in the tour, summer camp is one of the many plans; fitness is usually one of the main theme of this summer, summer is more intense, the competition become colorful, the European Cup, America Cup, the Brazil Olympic hundred years will have Taiwan staged show, no doubt will attract much attention. As a marketing person, U-Mail small mind always bengzhe a string: email marketing are not likely to leveraging the competition hot, successful suction eye? The answer is yes, the following Xiaobian talk.


what kind of industry is the most suitable for the most likely to find the opportunity to participate in the sports contest small Bian that so many categories:


is a tourist industry, can be introduced to the contest sponsored by the tourism activities, field experience the passionate contest atmosphere and therefore, tourism, local customs and practices, bulk mail to the selling point, let the customer can watch the game and scenic spots received both effect; one is the sports fitness industry, such a mass email for sports many niche fitness, open rate and conversion rate will be higher;

is a production and sales of sports goods businesses, especially made the Olympic Games, the European Cup, America Cup logo operators or suppliers;

there is a special kind of catering or entertainment industry operators, such as bar, snack stalls, leisure and entertainment industry launched the "package" can let the customer enjoy delicacy, wine and leisure services while watching the game, very popular.

finished the industry, U-Mail Xiaobian to talk about how mass e-mail and hot spots in the competition, a good reflection of the competition elements:

1 users can use the classic picture U-Mail email platform to edit and mobilize many elements such as sports games into the mail, a variety of sports special edition, of course, these elements to clever integration into the company’s logo visual image system, the two complement each other and harmonious collocation, launched during the competition. If you do not have a professional designer, you can also find U-Mail mail marketing platform for you to customize the special mail template

2 users can use the contest theme, do some prize quiz questions and quiz results, at the same time, the award-winning consumers give free single, coupons, discounts and other benefits, improve the interaction between the company and the customer and the viscosity.

3 users can use the contest focus and theme design, mass email title and content, such as mining contest those inspirational touching points, like the sports fitness industry can be said "someone or a team to win the championship has experienced a arduous and tortuous process to achieve the grass root counter attack, and how do you can not get rid of a fat"; for example, capture those who make hormonal flying instantly into the mail, let the company appear very responsibility are feelings……

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